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    Fair Chance Hiring - What You Should Know (SMA & HRACC)

    Date: August 3, 2022, 12:00pm – 1:00pm
    $20 SMA & HRACC Members / $30 for Guests and Future Members
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    Fair chance hiring is the practice of hiring individuals with criminal records.  Estimates indicate that nearly one in three Americans has a criminal record – approximately 70 million people. Many have fulfilled their justice system obligation and are ready to start a career. Studies show that second chance hires are highly loyal, productive and have lower turnover rates. Tapping into this labor pool also allows employers to advance their diversity and inclusion efforts, and some programs offer tax incentives to employers as well.

    In this webinar, learn how the practice of hiring individuals with a criminal record taps into a massive source of talent that many businesses can benefit from.  Our presenters will explore those benefits and discuss the success stories of fair chance candidates.


    1. What the statistics say about formerly incarcerated individuals’ barriers to employment
    2. Considerations to become a second-chance employer
    3. How becoming a second-chance employer can benefit your organization
    • Shamia Lodge, MassMutual, CEO Action Fellow
    • Fair Chance Hiring Social Contract, Team Lead
    • Ashley Rigby, MillerKnoll, CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellow
    • Fair Chance Hiring Social Contract, Project Coordinator
    • Veronica Garzon, PwC, CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellow
    • Fair Chance Hiring Social Contract, Compliance and Graphics Coordinator

    The CEO for Racial Equality is a one-of-a-kind business-lead initiative working to advance racial equity through public policy.  It was formed in 2020 when 100+ companies came together and launched CEO Action for Racial Equity, a Fellowship dedicated to advancing racial equity through public policy.