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    Practical Strategies for Hiring Applicants with Criminal Records (SMA)

    Date: October 20, 2022, 12:00pm – 1:00pm
    $20 for SMA or HRACC Members; $30 for Guests
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    Employers are intrigued by the idea of second chance hiring. It has the potential to solve social problems and unlock a largely untapped supply of potential job applicants. However, employers must achieve a delicate balance between these benefits while also mitigating hiring risks. Attendees of this session will learn practical techniques to adapt their hiring process to be more inclusive of those with a criminal record.  We’ll cover compliance with existing and emerging regulatory requirements, the fair chance spectrum, and practical techniques to determine if a record is related to the job.

    Key Learning Objectives

    • Overview of State & Federal Regulatory Requirements
    • The Spectrum of Fair Chance Options Available to Employers
    • Adjustments to Job Postings and Interviews
    • Techniques for Determining the Job-Relevancy of Criminal Records
    • Individualized Assessment Steps


    John McTighe is a proven leader in the background screening industry with over 20 years of professional leadership experience. In his career, he has helped to pioneer screening methods and accuracy standards in the industry which have improved the quality of background checks nationwide.

     In 2021, John became the Founder of Fair Screen…a new type of background check firm which combines his knowledge of fast and accurate background checks with the tools to help employers use them more fairly. This includes proprietary job relevancy scoring, and helping employers fulfill their regulatory obligations such as adverse action notifications and the individualized assessment process.