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    Strategic HR 2022

    Date: October 23-24, 2022
    Strategic HR
    Music Hall
    Portsmouth, NH
    Attendee pass: $395
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    What’s it all about?
    Follow this link to experience a unique platform for HR leaders and those aspiring to leadership.

    The conference takes a NIMBLE leap into the future.
    HR leaders know that nothing remains static these days. So, the conference known for years as Strategic HR at Mt. Washington is expanding to a 2022 performance at the Music Hall with a punchy, sophisticated format! And not to worry, the conference returns to retreat format at Mt. Washington in 2023.

    What’s in store for you!
    This is New England’s premier event for HR leaders. Check out an amazing faculty who will engage you in inspired and spirited discussions:

    • A counter-intuitive look at the future for HR, considering the forces unleashed these past couple of years.

    • How to weigh risks against certainty in your decision making.

    • A fresh look at the concept of privilege and how it weaves through your workforce.

    • Discerning the environmental footprint of your organization’s products, services, and practices.

    • Ways to implement corporate social responsibility so that it is more than a checkmark.

    • Focus strategically on mental health issues and how your attention to this impacts workplace culture, purpose, and values.

    • Become at analyst and demographics expert on the flow of where people want to work and live. They may not be in the same place!

    Join colleagues, business partners, and speakers for dinner on the town, a chat on the rooftop, or a breakout conversation – all with live music to underscore the scene.

    This conference has served as an inspirational retreat for HR leaders and those aspiring to leadership. And, we were not about to give that up at a time where everyone is crying out for quality HR direction that makes a difference in the lives of employees, the business of your employer, and the quality of neighboring communities. 

    To find out more information about the conference and to register, please click here.