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    Be Curious, Not Judgmental”: Ted Lasso Lessons on Communication, Conflict, and Culture (SOCT)

    Date: June 10, 2024, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
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    Learn, practical tips and/or resources to help each participant in their HR Professional improve, learn,  and grow. In the following ways we will address three key areas that impact HR Professionals on a daily basis. Communication, Conflict, and Culture. There will be tools and/or actionable items provided that can be immediately incorporated. 

     Benefits to the Audience:

    • The audience will learn specific tools to help with communication, conflict de-escalation, and fostering a healthy culture.
    • The audience will build skills in the areas of _communication, conflict resolution, and cultural framework.
    • This presentation will help the audience by providing fresh perspectives on topics that impact us every day

    Key takeaways:  

    • Learn how to identify four key personalities and how they impact communication styles. Walk away understanding what each personality desires when interacting with them.
    • Understand that human interactions cannot eliminate all conflict. Know how to alter an unhealthy relationship-attacking challenge to a healthy problem-resolving approach.
    • Identify that we are all responsible for the culture of our businesses. Walk away with actionable ideas to foster appreciation in the workplace.

    More details coming....