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10/2021 Meetings & Events

    May 2020
    Date Event Type
    May 6 2020 Benefit Strategies and Trends - Danbury Meeting
    May 14 ADAAA for Mental Health - Norwich Meeting
    May 27 Webinar | COVID-19’s Impact on the H-1B Visa Process Webinar
    May 28 Recalls, Refusals, and the Future of Unemployment Webinar
    May 28 Webinar: Managing Communications in Turbulent Times Webinar
    June 2020
    Date Event Type
    June 2 Webinar: Wellbeing and Mental Health: Workplace Strategies for Anxious Times Webinar
    June 10 Webinar: Networking in the Digital Age - Staying Connected While Being Apart. Webinar
    June 10 Workplace Violence Webinar
    June 16 Leading and Communicating Through Crisis - Webinar Webinar
    June 18 Renewal Trends, Compliance Hot Topics, Open Enrollment Ideas & Planning for 2021 Webinar
    June 18 *Webinar* Getting Back To Work During COVID-19: Top Legal HR Considerations for Employers Webinar
    June 25 WEBINAR: COVID-19 Legal Update - Understanding Employer Risks and Risk Mitigation Webinar
    June 30 2020 Employee Benefit Trends & Strategies: Embracing Opportunities for Creativity in New Environment Webinar
    July 2020
    Date Event Type
    July 14 Webinar: Financial Bootcamp for HR's Seat at the Strategic Table Webinar
    July 20 CT State Council Meeting Meeting
    July 22 Strategies for Managing a Remote Workforce Webinar
    July 23 *WEBINAR* Courageous Workplace Conversations About Race That Drive Change Webinar
    August 2020
    Date Event Type
    August 5 Strategies for Keeping Employees Engaged, Enthused and Effective Webinar
    August 10 to August 11 Tri-State SHRM Conference Conference
    August 26 Multi-Generational Diversity & Inclusion Webinar
    August 26 Leading for Positive Mental Health Webinar
    August 27 HRACC Emerging Professionals Present: Benefits 2.0 Webinar
    August 27 Culture Wars: Whose Side Are You On? (webinar) Webinar
    September 2020
    Date Event Type
    September 1 "Membership Mingle" Networking Event
    September 9 2020 Annual Employment Law Update Webinar
    September 15 to September 16 Legal Update 2020 presented by Jackson Lewis - 2 Half Days (10 am to 1 pm) Webinar
    September 15 2020 Annual Legal Update with Jackson Lewis Webinar
    September 16 Annual Legal Update presented by Jackson Lewis Webinar
    September 17 Legislative Update Webinar
    September 17 CT State Council Meeting Meeting
    October 2020
    Date Event Type
    October 7 Building Your High Performance Team Webinar
    October 14 Protecting your People: Hot Topics in HR Webinar
    October 20 "Earning a Place at the Table as a Strategic HR Leader" Webinar
    October 22 Courageous Workplace Conversations Part 2: The Dignity Model Webinar
    October 28 CT State Council Strategic Meeting Webinar
    November 2020
    Date Event Type
    November 10 Connecticut’s Economy During and After COVID Webinar
    November 11 WEBINAR: Supercharge your HR Career Webinar
    November 12 Best Practices for Managing Total Rewards in the Pandemic Tech Workforce Webinar
    November 17 "Virtual Challenges of Onboarding & EX: How to produce Rockstars and Accelerate Business Results" Webinar
    November 17 Connecticut Paid FMLA: What You Need to Know Webinar
    November 18 Salary Trends for Your 2021 Budget Webinar
    November 19 NW CT HR Meeting
    December 2020
    Date Event Type
    December 2 Compensation Strategies - COVID-19 and Beyond Webinar
    December 3 CT Paid Sick Leave Webinar
    December 9 Recalibrating Your Leadership Compass Webinar
    December 9 The Connecticut Chapters Present: Virtual Holiday Party Meeting
    December 17 New Board Vote/Membership Mixer /Year End Raffle Meeting
    January 2021
    Date Event Type
    January 6 WEBINAR: Employee Wellness: Mindfulness as the Path to Emotional Resilience and Mental Clarity Webinar
    January 14 CT State Council Meeting Meeting
    January 19 Managing the Interplay with CT Leave Laws Webinar
    January 21 Building and Maintaining Trust at All Organizational Levels and in Our Personal Lives Webinar
    January 25 Free Speech in the Workplace: Politics, Pandemic, Social Media and More Webinar
    January 26 When Domestic Violence Comes to Work Webinar
    February 2021
    Date Event Type
    February 9 Take A Coaching Approach: Avoiding Burnout for Yourself and Your Team “Building Productive Teams in Stressful Times” Webinar
    February 10 Shared Work Program Webinar
    February 18 New Member Reception & Open House Networking Event
    February 24 The Increasing Value of Workforce Analytics Webinar
    February 25 The New Face of Diversity: Transgender Employees Webinar
    February 25 The New Face of Diversity: Transgender Employees Webinar
    March 2021
    Date Event Type
    March 2 Connecticut in Motion A Transportation Webinar Series: Session One Webinar
    March 9 The New Face of Diversity: Transgender Employees Webinar
    March 9 Top 5 Employment Policies to Revisit in a Pandemic Webinar
    March 10 Conducting Internal Investigations - An Overview and Practical Considerations Webinar
    March 11 Minimizing Employer Liability for COVID-19 Claims Webinar
    March 11 CT State Council Meeting Meeting
    March 18 CBIA 2021 Human Resources Conference sponsored by Robinson+Cole Conference
    March 18 The Character of a Leader – Becoming Someone Others Will Follow Webinar
    March 23 HRACC Zoom Membership Mixe Networking Event
    March 24 HOLD: Business immigration Webinar
    April 2021
    Date Event Type
    April 14 LGBTQ 101: An Introduction to Identities & Allyship Webinar
    April 17 2021 Virtual Tri-State SHRM Student Case Competition & Career Summit. Conference
    April 20 Sustaining Our Community During COVID-19 Uncertainty EAP: Helping HR Leaders Help Their Employees Webinar
    April 27 Excel for HR Leaders Webinar
    April 28 to April 29 Tri-State SHRM Virtual Conference Conference
    April 29 HR’s Strategic Role in Accelerating Transformation Webinar
    May 2021
    Date Event Type
    May 6 Regulating Political Speech in the Workplace Webinar
    May 12 Having Difficult HR Conversations with Greater Confidence Webinar
    May 12 Employment Essential Trends and Impacts Webinar
    May 13 CT State Council Meeting Meeting
    May 18 Connecticut in Motion: The Impact of COVID on Workplace Trends & Commuting Webinar
    May 18 Mental Health: A Holistic Workplace Approach Healthy Leader Habits that Promote Wellbeing Webinar
    May 19 Performance Reviews: The Dread is Real! (Let’s Make them Better!) Webinar
    May 20 Benefits Trends & Financial Considerations Webinar
    May 20 Practical Tools to Guide Your Employee's Career Development Webinar
    June 2021
    Date Event Type
    June 7 DEI and the Social Justice Development Webinar
    June 9 Webinar: Business Immigration in the Biden Era Webinar
    June 10 Southern CT SHRM Virtual Membership Mixer Webinar
    June 15 Closing the Gap: What HR Can Do Now to Promote Pay Equity Webinar
    June 16 The Work of a Leader Webinar
    June 16 HR's Role in Dealing with Workplace Conflict in COVID Times Webinar
    July 2021
    Date Event Type
    July 13 CT State Council Meeting Meeting
    July 15 SOCT SHRM Annual Summer Networking Bash! Networking Event
    July 20 Microsoft Outlook Balance and Productivity Optimization (SHRM-WCT) Webinar
    July 20 Strategies to get your Initiative Approved! (HRLA) Webinar
    July 22 Harnessing Our Preferences for an Inclusive Workplace (HRACC/SMA) Webinar
    August 2021
    Date Event Type
    August 10 Up in Smoke: Connecticut's New Marijuana Law (HRACC) Webinar
    August 19 Workplace Accommodations: Ideas and Resources (HRACC) Webinar
    September 2021
    Date Event Type
    September 1 CT State Council Meeting Meeting
    September 9 to September 12 SHRM21 Conference
    September 13 Virtual Gathering:Getting the Most Out of Your HRACC Membership Meeting
    September 22 Annual Legal Update (HRACC, SHRM-WCT, SMA) Webinar
    September 22 Employment Law Update (HRLA) Meeting
    September 23 Day 1 - Legal Update with Jackson Lewis (SOCT) Seminar
    September 23 Finding Your Way In The "New Next" Without Losing your Mind (SMA) Webinar
    September 24 Day 2 - Legal Update with Jackson Lewis (SOCT) Seminar
    October 2021
    Date Event Type
    October 5 The 5 Keys to Genuine Employee Engagement (HRACC) Webinar
    October 8 2021 CT SHRM Volunteer Leader Conference Conference
    October 14 CT SHRM Virtual Career Fair - POSTPONED Networking Event
    October 14 SMA Networking and Wine Tasting Event Networking Event
    October 19 Combatting the Great Resignation (HRLA) Webinar
    October 20 Accommodation & Leave Best Practices Webinar
    October 21 Prioritizing Belonging, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (HRLA) Webinar
    October 21 2021 Employment Law Update (NWCTHRA) Meeting
    October 24 to October 26 Strategic HR at Mount Washington Conference
    November 2021
    Date Event Type
    November 1 CT State Council Meeting Meeting
    November 4 CT Paid Leave Act and CT FMLA: What Employers Need to Know Now (HRACC) Webinar
    November 16 We're Going into OT - Coaching Your Team for Resilience & Wellbeing when the game goes beyond Q4 Webinar
    November 16 Sustaining Our Community During COVID-19 Uncertainty EAP: Helping HR Leaders Help Their Employees (SOCT) Webinar
    November 17 Employer Partnerships with Colleges - Best Practices for Engaging and Hiring Students (SMA) Webinar
    December 2021
    Date Event Type
    December 1 CT State Council Members Only: 2022 Strategic Planning Meeting Meeting
    January 2022
    Date Event Type
    January 13 CT State Council Holiday Gathering Meeting